ABOUT Christy

Born in Texas and raised at the junction of the Tombigbee, Black Warrior rivers, is it any wonder I'm an outdoor-cravin', sports-lovin', Jesus-spoutin' Southern gal? If I'm not stringing words together, I'm in a kayak, the woods, a shooting house, possibly a tree if the limb is low enough. I've raised a tomboy, now in her 20s (GASP!) and two boys, 19 and 14.

I've been asked numerous times why I write. The answer? Because I must. The voices have to go somewhere. Maybe at some point, I'll write about another setting than the South, but then again, why would I?

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Christy is an award-winning author of Southern fiction. Her words have been critiqued as "starkly realistic," "compelling," and "inspirational."

Kimberly Brock, Georgia Author of the Year 2013, says, "Christy Truitt writes with authority in the voice of the Deep South, specifically its women."