A Few of my Favorite Things

As a child in small-town Alabama, my mama hollered herself hoarse at me come sunset. I'm an oldie, you see. No cell phones or GPS locators. Just Mama at the front door, hands cupped around her mouth, yelling my name. After awhile, she'd give up, figuring the home phone would ring eventually from a neighbor's house. I'd been known to climb the roof and sit against the chimney, writing stories, throwing wadded notebook paper into the shaft only to almost catch the house on fire come winter. Oops. I have to be outdoors. Or by a window. Or on a screened-in porch. I need natural sounds like wind and rain and birds. Added bonus? Throw my family around me...most of the time. Y'all know what I'm sayin'. Here are some photos of a few favorite things. My friends skeet shooting at the farm. My kiddos and I at a football game (War Eagle!). My mama and I. Water. Sunshine and cloud cover. Julie Andrews is warming up..."When the dog bites. When the bee stings..."