Some 21 days ago, I said enough. Enough reaction to life. Enough defensive posturing. Enough with the white surrender towels and feet marks on my back. 


I assessed myself and didn't like what I saw. My spirit cob-webbed with fear. Anxiety my only sleep companion. A relationship with a guy named Josh that got way too serious way too fast (Not outing anyone here - he's a brand of wine). Skin broken out. Extra pounds strapped around my middle. Short-tempered. Imagination and creativity and wanderlust buried beneath sadness and fear and honestly? Regular ol' pissed offness.


I realized I'm 49 years old. I couldn't swing at curve balls like I used to. I could no longer handle life as I did before. I needed a grip and fast. 

A reset.

I re-organized my diet. I re-evaluated my spirit's cognition. I re-structured my exercise, my reading, my prayer life. I reset boundaries with others.

Did it work?

Twenty-one days later, I can say yes. Is it the cure all, end all? Absolutely not. But it's a heckofa good start. Read here if you want to know the tools I used. Will it work for you? Who knows. I'd love to hear back from you! Let's journey together through the  enoughness of it all and reset our feet to a brighter future.

In the beginning...